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Opening the Door to a Better Future

A hidden piece of utopia in the heart of Oceanside, The Space Pad teleports you back to the future. Inspired by the vision of Clint Cary, “The Spaceman of Ocean Beach,” present your ticket and reserve your trip to planet Rillispore.

December 1949

In the beginning…

it was just the aliens. They lived amongst themselves on a planet unknown and untouched to the rest of the galaxy. This planet was called Rillispore. It was a pure land abundant with luscious dragon plants and mystical Ola birds living freely among their fellow inhabitants. The aliens prided themselves on their land and impressive technological advancements, but they soon found they lacked an intellectual and social purpose.

January 1950

Earth in the 1950’s…

was unlike anything the aliens had ever seen. They made landfall during the peak of the Atomic Era where life was booming in color, luxury, and technology. While the Earthlings they discovered were living in fear of extraterrestrial incomings, the aliens found Earth to be peaceful yet bustling, and resourceful yet extravagant. They were overcome with a feeling of optimism and joy that they dreaded parting with. 

February 1950

The journey to Earth…

timestamps when the aliens got curious about what else existed beyond their own skylines. With great determination, they built their first flying saucer. After days and nights of travel through the solar system, the aliens reached a planet made of vast blues, greens, and greys. Captivated, they immediately headed for landing on a planet they’d soon know as Earth.

March 1950

A vision of utopia…

is what they desired to replicate. From the tall skyscrapers to the unique, Googie architecture, they wanted it all. However, to understand the advancements and culture discovered on Earth, the aliens knew they needed help from Earthlings to make this newfound dream come to life. So, they rallied a crew of gangbusters to bring back to Rillispore and help them succeed.

October 2021

Back for more…

the aliens are making their way back to Earth for the first time in over 70 years. This time, to show off what they have accomplished to the rest of us Earthlings. Since their last arrival, they have infused culture and architecture from Earth with their advanced, extraterrestrial technology. Rillispore has transformed into a far-out planet full of mid-century inspired cities founded on a utopian culture.

November 2021

Rillispore is ready for you…

to experience its wonder and awe. Enter the space elevator as you’re beamed up into space. You land inside a lounge perched at the top of the tallest Rillisporian building. Take a seat and admire everything the aliens have recreated for us.

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